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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Review & Swatches - ELF Cream Blush and ELF Body Shimmer

Hello Everyone!!!
Here are the swatches and review for the ELF Cream Blush and Body Shimmer I bought a while ago.
ELF Cream Blush:
I got ELF Cream Blush in Seductress. I have never tried cream blush before so thought I should give it a try. For $3 you can’t go wrong (original price is $6 but I used the 50% off code). When I open the packaging, I was a bit disappointed with the color as it was very bright. But after applying and blending it well, I love it. J

So here are the pictures….
Without flesh looks more red…

With flash looks more hot pink…

Heavy swatch to show the color ….

Blended nicely…you only need a little bit, really J
According to the company:
“This amazing blush offers the best of both worlds! It smoothes on as a cream for great texture and then transforms into a velvety soft powder finish for long-lasting rich color thats never greasy! The lightweight, refreshing oil-free formula looks natural and radiates a beautiful glow perfect for all skin types. The soft powder finish can be layered for desired intensity and dimension.”
My thoughts:
I love it…looks natural if blended well. You can build up the color but first use little bit. Long lasting. Good amount of product for the price. Love the packaging. I use ELF power brush to apply the blush and it looks flawless.
Whether I would buy it: Yes, I would be buying the ELF cream blush. I will definitely try other colors since I couldn’t get any as they were out of stock.
ELF Body Shimmer:
I got ELF Body Shimmer in Cosmic Coral. I got this for $1.50 (original price is $3; I used the 50% off code). It is one of their new products. I bought this thinking I would use it as a blush, hence the color choice. It is really pretty color with golden shimmer.
So here are the pictures….
Sleek packaging…

Not much product thoughL……

  Swatch on my hand

  Blended …so pretty J

According to the company:
“Create sexy, soft shimmer for a healthy looking glow that is lightweight and comfortable. Great for using on cheeks, lips, eyes. The convenient twist-up design is easy to use for quick application. Simply glide on this chic shimmer for a sunless, gorgeous glow.”
My thoughts:
I love it… Love the packaging however not a lot of product. When I saw it online, I thought it would a round stick and would have great amount of product. Oh well, I only paid $1.50. I love the color and golden shimmer, great for the summer to highlight your cheeks.

Whether I would buy it: Maybe, if I get the 60% code, lol.I like the color and packaging but the amount of product you get is not a lot.
I hope you like the review and Swatches...


Disclaimer: I bought all these products with my own money and i am not being paid to do this review by the company. These are my honest opinions.



I like the elf cream blush.
Thanks for that review.
I love natural looking blush on. :)

Renee said...

I think it's a pretty color! I agree, not a lot of product, but at that price I guess it's ok.