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Thursday, 29 December 2011

NOTD - Rose Sage

Hello Everyone!!!

So today's NOTD is featuring Rose sage by Wet n Wild. Love the color :)

Looks pretty on its own ^_^
I used single coat of Aziza nail builder as a base coat (i don't have a base coat so i used this as a replacement ^_^)
Then 2 coats of Rose Sage by Wet n Wild....

Nail polish didn't chip or came off until the fourth day of me wearing it. On the fourth day, it chip only on my index finger but i decided to take it off. I think it works great considering the fact that i wasn't wearing a top coat :)..... The color was very opaque after 2 coats just like in the bottle.  

I hope you like it ..



prettyinpink said...

this is such a pretty color!

Ingrid said...

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Shara said...

great nails!wish u a happy new year!La Folie 

Sarah Lewis said...

Great blog ! Want to follow each other :) ?



ღ Dee ღ said...

thank you all!!

Cathy said...

Pretty color!

Mind checking out my blog? (: