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Monday, 19 December 2011

Haul – Dollar Store Finds

Hello Lovelies!!

I was looking to get tiny elastic bands in black. First, I went to the drug store but they were a bit pricey (I believe $5 or $6) for a pack of the same bands I wanted. So I thought I should try Dollar Store, they probably would have them for a fraction of the cost. Well, I did find those but with other interesting stuff. J

There was a separate aisle for beauty related products. Not much of makeup but other beauty stuff. There were some Elf products too; like powder brushes, eye-shadow brush, mascara, clear mascara, and lip glosses (all from their $1 line). There were other Makeup products by Aziza. A whole lot of jewellery stuff, Shampoo, moisturizing lotion, and etc. So I browse through the aisle and got myself few things.

What I got:

·         Pack of elastic bands

·         Pack of bobby pins

·         One Step Nail builder by Aziza

·         Blistex Regular SPF 15 lip balm

·         And 2 bracelets

So on to the pictures….
Btw, I bought the mascara from the drug store.

Bobby Pins and Elastic bands

AZIZA care one-step nail builder

Blistex SPF 15 lip balm in Regular (there were other ones too)

Some cute Bracelets

I love this pearl bracelet (it’s not real pearlL, but oh well)

Coral bracelet
So yeah, that’s what I found at my local Dollar store. I got all this for $6 + from dollar store, not bad eh!

Extra Super Lash mascara by Rimmel London in Black (I got this from the drug Store for $6 I think)
So that’s what I found at my local dollar store. Have you found anything interesting at your local dollar store?


Rindodo ♥ said...

haven't tried any mascara from rimmel yet. will u make a review about it?

Emm said...

I like those bracelets!! and do tell me how the nail builder worked

Beautyshades said...

Just found your blog and follow. Good bargain buys. Like the bracelet.

ღ Dee ღ said...

@Rindodo and @Emm, i will do a review soon
@ Beautyshades, thanks for following and visiing my blog!!!

Clara Dian said...

wow beautiful :)